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CFS Engineering is proud to participate regularly in European funded projects. Participation in such projects plays a critical role to the advancement of our company.

One the one hand, by participating, CFS Engineering is able to share its know-how in Computational Fluid Dynamics with other reknowned European partner companies and universities. On the other hand, these EU projects help CFS to stay at the cutting-edge of our field.

Below is a list of some of these projects:

  1. FP6 HISAC - A completed project dealing with environmentally friendly high-speed aircraft. CFS Engineering won a prize for Industry & Technology for its partcipation.

  2. FP6 SimSAC - A completed project focusing on simulating aircraft stability and control in the conceptual design phase. The outcome of SimSAC is a computer software that can be downloaded called CEASIOM.

  3. FP7 ATAAC - Current turbulence models tend to be insufficient to properly describe complex flows such as high-lift, swirling, and buffeted flows. The goal of ATAAC is to improve the modeling of turbulence for these types of aerodynamic flows.

  4. FP7 RASTAS SPEAR - A project that encourages space science and exploration, providing the ground-work for earth re-entry of high-speed vehicles of the future.

  5. FP7 FAST20XX - An ongoing project coordinated by the European Space Agency aims to establish the technological foundations for suborbital high-speed transportation, thus making space transportation a near-future reality.

  6. FP7 AFLoNext - A four year integrated project with the objective of proving and maturing highly promising flow control technologies for novel aircraft configurations.