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CFS Engineering is a spin-off company of the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at the EPFL. CFS Engineering maintains close ties with the EPFL, in particular with the Institute of Energy of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and the Plasma Physics Research Center. CFS Engineering works with students at the EPFL for semester or master's projects, and regularly employs trainees for 1 or 2 month periods.


CFS Engineering is involved in two collaborations with ETHZ, on Large Eddy Simulations at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics (Prof. L. Kleiser, Dr. N. Adams, R. von Kaenel), and on Inverse Design with the Seminar on Applied Mathematics (Prof. R. Jeltsch, A. Troxler).


CFS Engineering works closely with the Swiss National Computing Center in Manno on the topic of Visualization of flow simulations (with Dr. J. Favre).