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An international workshop on High Lift Prediction took place in June 2010 in Chicaco, Illinois in association with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The objectives were multifold:

  1. To assess the numerical prediction capability (mesh, numerics, turbulence modeling, high-performance computing requirements, etc.) of current-generation CFD technology/codes for swept, medium/high-aspect ratio wings in landing/take-off (high-lift) configurations.
  2. To develop practical modeling guidelines for CFD prediction of high-lift flowfields.
  3. To advance the understanding of high-lift flow physics to enable development of more accurate prediction methods and tools.
  4. To enhance CFD prediction capability for practical high-lift aerodynamic design and optimization.
  5. To provide an impartial forum for evaluating the effectiveness of existing computer codes and modeling techniques.
  6. To identify areas needing additional research and development.

CFS Engineering's results were presented and may be found here.

orange-red zones represent areas of high pressure coefficient