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In close collaboration with RUAG Aerospace, CFS Engineering is making aerodynamic studies for the FA-18 fighter aircraft of the Swiss Airforces. Different configurations of the aircraft are considered: with and without external fuel tanks and missiles, different deflections of the control surfaces, different Mach numbers and incidence angles.
Comparison of the computed results with experimental data from RUAG Aerospace and Boeing showed a good agreement between computed lift, drag and pitch up moment.


Mach number contour

The figure above shows the Mach number contours in the symmetry plane of the FA-18 flying at Mach=0.95. The shock wave at the canopy and on the fuselage near the vertical fin are clearly visible.


Stream lines

The figure shows the stream lines around a configuration flying at 10 degress angle of attack. A flow separation is visible on the wing, close to the location where the trailing edge flap is deflected.