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Base Bleed overview

In collaboration with RUAG Aerospace, CFS Engineering is making aerodynamic simulations of the external flow around a spinning projectile with operating base bleed unit. Both the external as well as the internal flow are computed. The objective is to study the influence of the base bleed unit on the aerodynamic drag. This study was financed by the Swiss Defence Procurement Agency in Thun.

Base Bleed geometry

  The figure above shows the geometry of the base bleed unit.

The base bleed fuel is located around the geometry outlined above.
The hot base bleed gases enter the inner base bleed chamber through 27 holes.

ICEMCFD Hexa was used to generate the mesh for this geometry, which had about 2 Million grid points and over 500 blocks.

Mach number

  This picture shows the Mach number contours for a spinning configuration with an operating base bleed unit.

The top left figure shows the external flow, the bottom figure shows a zoom of the base region, where the base bleed jet can be clearly seen.

The top right figure shows the Mach number contours inside the base bleed unit.